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We are an established company that supplies electronic cigarettes to UK residents. The e cigs we distribute come in a starter pack and not as a single component or cigarette. Each pack/ kit comprises of a cartridge/ several cartridges, cartridge holder, a battery and nicotine (in liquid form). The cigarettes emit fumes from the vaporization of liquid nicotine; hence their common name Personal Vaporizer. We sell the e cigs at an affordable price, and, further, save clients money by making the batteries rechargeable, and cartridges refillable or replaceable.

Working mechanism of e cigarette

Smoking entails inhaling and exhaling of fumes. The smoke in an e cig comes from nicotine. The kit components fit together to ensure nicotine vaporizes to fumes which people smoke. The battery powers the whole e cig system; resulting in vaporization of nicotine. The liquid nicotine, contained in the cartridges, vaporizes to less harmful fumes than those produced by regular cigarettes, which burn tobacco, and is, thus, less harmful to the environment and people’s health.

Components of an e-cig’s starter kit

Electronic cigarette cartridges

Cartridges are the containers that holds the liquefied nicotine. The cartridges are not in built, in any one holder, and can, thus, be replaced or removed for a refill. We make the cartridges with a material that does not react with nicotine; hence do not risk contamination. We label all cartridges with details on the content level of the nicotine in the cartridge, as well as the quantity of liquid each cartridge can hold.


E-cigs do not contain tobacco, but nicotine (in e-liquid form). The nicotine, which provides the fumes for smoking, does not need to be burned, but rather heats to vaporize into nicotine fumes; no emission of carbonated smoke or ash. The environmental pollution caused by tobacco does not occur with e cigs fumes, and the health risk to smokers is even less. Smokers can regulate the content level of nicotine they smoke by choosing only cartridges with their desired nicotine content.

E-cig battery

Our e-cig starter pack comes with not just a battery (to power the nicotine vaporization process), but a battery that can be recharged over and over again. This makes sure that people can smoke anywhere, without the need for a lighter or matchbox, as long as they keep the e cigarette batteries charged. It also reduces regular purchase of new batteries; saving smokers money.


As an e-cigarette company in the UK, we aim at making the smoking experience for our clients safe, clean and inexpensive. This explains why we supply a whole kit, whose components can be reused, instead of having smokers buy new packs all the time. We supply different sized cartridges, which contain different content levels of nicotine. The cartridges can be removed from the cartridge holder, for refilling or replacing with newly filled cartridges. We even provide larger quantities of liquefied nicotine, than what the cartridges hold, so that people can store their supplies to refill whenever they need.

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